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Client details form – Individual income tax return

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Approximate Income

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Do you have any dependants living with you?

Dependants include: children up to the age of 21, full time students under the age of 25, parents or parents in law. YES/NO

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Did you buy or sell any property during the income year (e.g. shares, rental property, main residence)?

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Below is a suggestion of the types of documents you will need to bring to our scheduled interview (if applicable):

    Payment summaries - These are usually provided by your employer or businesses with which you have a working contract.

    Bank statements evidencing interest income

    Dividend statements or summaries

    Loan statements for deductible interest (e.g.; for purchase of rental properties and other income producing assets)

    Rental property income and expenditure summary (including any real estate agent annual statements)

    Log book for car (if applicable)

    Summary of business kilometres travelled by car

    Invoice for fee charged for previous years income tax return preparation (if not from our practice) 

    Managed fund distribution statements

    Private health fund details and tax statement

    Medicare and Private Health Fund expense claim summaries

    Invoices for children's education expenses

    Receipts for donations

    Business records where you conduct your own business

    Information relating to any partnership or trust distributions received during the year

    Details of any Superannuation withdrawals (lump sum or pension)

    Details of any participation in an Employee Share (or option) Plan or arrangement

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